The BBG Story

Big Boyz Garage is started in Apr 2015 at Woodlands Horizon, with the idea to allow car owners who love their ride as much as BBG owner Brian to get their ride done up as uniquely styled as possible.

In the early days, Big Boyz Garage only provides basic accessories modification and DIY LED lighting. We are glad to receive huge support from our customers for our quality workmanship. The Big Boyz Garage team also tries to give detailed advice and tips to our customers to ensure their rides are being carefully taken care of.

Big Boyz Garage Car Model at Drift Event Singapore 2016
Big Boyz Garage awareness at the drift event and Big Boyz customer experience where they get to feature their ride and shoot with BBG models

Things started to pick up by late 2015 and Big Boyz Garage took part in drift event held in Tanah Merah to showcase our lighting and Big Boyz experience where we allowed our BBG customer to showcase their ride there and have their car shoot with our BBG model.

As we continue to grow in creating quality value modification to customers, we gather a group of followers that really wish to make BBG their one stop garage where we take full care of their ride.

In July 2016, 15 months after starting BBG, Brian launched the expansion and started BBG servicing and repair segment in E9 Premium which is the present location. It was a slow start but with genuine and honest diagnosis of our customers’ ride, we caught their attention.

Current BBG is a full automotive servicing shop, and offers full range of automotive parts.

To further enhance the experience, we shift Woodlands Horizon accessories branch to be beside the servicing shop to ensure our customers have a full coverage of BBG services right under one roof.

We have not looked back since.

Now after close to 3 years in the market, BBG is a name to our customers (aka bros) that they know we provide hassle free, no nonsense work done to their ride and they are rest assured that we promise what we say.

Looking ahead, with more engagement with bros that come BBG thru BigBoyzGarage community, Big Boyz experience with monthly car shoot, website, revamped BBG lounge and track car events, we look forward to more bros joining us and embark on an exciting journey.


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