Genesis Automotive Amplifiers

Genesis Automotive Amplifiers

Genesisgenesis car audio system england singapore stands for outstanding quality and design. It is designed and hand crafted in the UK, England to ensure perfection and incredible reliability. Every Genesis Amplifiers come with their own unique serial number that identifies when it was made and what country it was purchase in.

Genesis products have already won more many SQ competitions, been used in many high end cars and worked with partners such as Eagle to create the perfect sound stage in their vehicles.

Big Boyz Garage is happy to be Genesis Singapore Retailer since 2015.

Here’s are a peek of products we have!

Genesis Automotive Amplifiers
BE MK22 Dual Mono BE GT2
MK5 Dual Mono E GT 1
BE MK5 Mini Block BE GT1


All our products comes with 1 year warranty!

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