Our Services

Car Servicing and Repair

We can help with full range of services including brakes, exhaust & mufflers, oil change, engine repair, wheel alignment, car battery, steering & suspension etc.


Window & Screen Tinting

If you haven’t tinted your car, you should really consider it. Other than protecting you from our tropical sun, there are also Safety & Security Windows FIlm that can prevent your car windows from getting smashed and shattered.



Personalized your ride with stylish lighting.

From special daylight module and door handle lighting, to dashboard lighting and ledroom LED; we do it all:

    • Door Edge LED
    • Door Panel LED
    • Fibre Optic LED
    • Flexi LED
    • Aircon Vent LED
    • Running Daylight Eyelid LED
    • Foglight LED
    • Bonnet Light
    • Boot LED
    • Deflector LED
    • Daylight LED

In fact, if you have an unique lighting for your ride and other workshop can’t do it – we can help with special DIY modification too! Book an appointment online, or just walk in and come talk to us now!


Spray Painting & Panel Beating

Did your ride suffer a structural damage?

No worries, we have helped many customers with panel beating, smash repairs, or just dent removal, so their ride can look good in a showroom condition.


Customized Car Parts


Car Accessories

Upgrade your ride to be safer, more convenient and more personalized.

We offer a range of car accessories to help you with upgrading. This includes car camera, sliding door button, in-car entertainment, sound system and more. You may also read more about the car accessories brand that we carry here.